INNOVATIVE DIVORCE SOLUTIONS - Helping Families in Transition Find Solutions Outside of Court

Todd Wetsel, J.D., has successfully handled hundreds of separation and divorce cases with a no-nonsense approach to helping people.  His professional experience reflects a lifelong commitment to helping people going through the stress of divorce reach practical and lasting solutions.
Todd's professional expertise extends beyond the legal system. He understands the unique emotional and psychological needs of the many people who are impacted by divorce, including children.  In addition, Todd thoroughly understand the complexities and dynamics of blended families.  His work also involves helping individuals and couples to effectively deal with the conflict and strife that often plagues such families.
Todd's philosophy is that an amicable divorce is not only highly desirable, but also very possible. When handled appropriately, divorces can be fair and civilized.
In addition to his normal office hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Todd is available for appointments during the evening and on weekends.

NOTE: Family and divorce mediation is not a substitute for independent legal advice. We strongly recommend that each spouse consult with an attorney at some point during the mediation process.
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