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Finding Emotional Balance During Divorce

During the divorce process Emotional endurance and balance are necessary and powerful ingredients in the divorce process.

1. Get support systems in place  Make sure you get strong emotional support and encouragement from trusted friends, family, a spiritual advisor or counselor to help you through the difficult, complex feelings that are associated with the divorce process.

2. Postpone big decisions  Postpone life altering decisions until you are able to think clearly about relocating or changing jobs, another relationship or acquiring significant property.

3. Don't move out of your marital residence  Do not move out of the family residence without first addressing it as part of a comprehensive and well-thought-out plan through mediation or without first discussing it with an attorney.

4. Talk to your children Reassure your children that they are not the cause of your separation or divorce and explain this in a way that is consistent with your children's ages and maturity level. It is best to be truthful and honest and give children simple and clear answers without blaming anyone.

5. Take care of yourself  While you are taking care of the business aspects of your divorce, you must also take care of yourself. Have a medical and dental examination. Get a massage.  Visit a spa.  Go on a bike ride.  If possible, take care of any medical issues that are needed or anticipated in the near future if they are covered under your spouse's insurance.

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