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Post-Divorce Checklist

If you are recently divorced, there are some very common but important tasks that you should address as soon as possible.  This checklist is not comprehensive by any means.  Nevertheless, here are some important issues to consider
  • Do you need to apply for a loan or change the name on a bank or credit card account? Make sure you have at least one certified copy of your divorce decree.  You can obtain a certified copy at the clerk’s office inside the courthouse where your divorce was finalized.  A certified copy will be handy if you need to apply for a loan, transfer property, change the name on bank and credit card accounts, etc.

  • Is the local child support enforcement office going to issue a wage withholding order for the payment of child support or be involved in receiving/accounting for child support?  In Utah, this is handled by the Office of Recovery Services or “ORS.” Contact your local child support enforcement office and make sure they have everything on file to collect, enforce or account for child support in your case. 

  • Were bank and credit accounts dealt with as part of your divorce decree?  Make sure all joint accounts are closed and distributed accordingly.

  • If you have joint bank accounts to be closed, make sure there are not any outstanding checks.

  • Establish credit with new credit cards or store charge cards.

  • If you made any arrangements with any company for automatic withdrawal or charge, be sure you contact them prior to closing accounts.

  • Still have some of your ex's "stuff" laying around or in storage in your garage? Make sure all personal property and personal items, including books, records, clothing, memorabilia, and other items are distributed properly. If arrangements need to be made for pick-ups or drop-offs, do it as soon as possible, so you do not forget anything.

  • Was your ex's name on your car?  If there vehicles or RV's transferred in your divorce, be sure get them re-titled and re-registered at the DMV.

  • Were you on your ex's health insurance plan?  Be sure to apply for COBRA health insurance, if necessary.

  • If a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is required per the divorce decree, follow up until it is provided to appropriate banks, brokerages, investment houses, pension plans, 401k administrators)

  • If there was real estate involved, be sure to record the necessary paperwork (i.e., Quit Claim Deed) at the County Recorder's Office.

  • Make sure that all insurance (health, home, auto and life) is addressed and reviewed.

  • Write and execute new will, trust, and powers of attorney.

  • Did you change your name as part of the divorce?  Be sure to obtain the necessary forms to change your name on your accounts, policies, driver’s license, passport, etc.

  • Start and keep a calendar of your parenting time with your children and support payments made/received.

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